In the last couple of years the UK economy has recovered very quickly, which has resulted in a boom for the building industry as the demand for new homes increase.

To meet the increased demand for bricks, one of the UK’s leading brick manufacturer’s has invested heavily in upgrading their production facilities around the UK.

The requirement

At one of their UK based sites, they needed to automatically change their expensive and labour intensive internal pallets used in the production process for less expensive delivery pallets.

The solution

Blackstar Handling Systems designed a solution, which included a heavy-duty conveyor system to transport completed pallets.

The stack of bricks are centralised on a production pallet using a hydraulic clamping arrangement. The bricks are lifted vertically using an electric hoist and using a modified fork truck attachment. The production pallet is then transferred from under the bricks and re-stacked 12 high for collection and re-use in the production area.

A lower price delivery pallet is transferred from a pallet dispenser sited outside the main building and positioned accurately under the raised stack of bricks. The bricks are then lowered centrally on to the delivery pallet.

After a shrink wrapped sleeve is applied by an operator, the now complete pallet is transported by chain conveyors to the dispatch area, ready for collection and delivery to the end user.

The solution was delivered and installed on time and the customer is delighted with the equipment and support from Blackstar Handling Systems.

The customer has reported a 17% increase in production, an improved end product to their end customer and a 13 Month payback on investment.






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