Cooley Distillery is an Irish Whiskey Distillery located in Dundalk, Ireland & owned by the American multi-billionaire company Beam Suntory.

Producing some well-known Irish Whiskey brands such as, Kilbeggan, Connemara, Tyrconnell & is the owner of over 300 medals since opening including awards “European Distiller of the year” in 2008 & 2009 and “Distillery of the Year” in 2008.

Cooleys distillery required a new fully automatic packaging system for their bottled cases in Dundalk. The system needed to be fully automatic with a palletiser capable of forming 19 different pallet layouts of various cases and sizes to then be wrapped ready for distribution.

Blackstar Handling Systems were approached by Goliath Packaging on behalf of Cooleys to supply, integrate and commission both palletiser, Stretch Wrapper & conveyors for the full system. Providing packaging solutions to clients all across Europe, Blackstar have a lot of experience integrating Palletisers & Stretch Wrappers.

Solution / Palletiser

For the palletiser, Blackstar decided to go with the Alto Model by Lita.

The Alto is an Automatic high‐level infeed layer type palletiser with steady pallet, suitable for handling RSC cases and shrink‐ wrapped packs. Capable of layering all pack dimensions & pallet layouts required by Cooleys, & with a twin-infeed system to achieve high inputs of 60 packs/minute. The Alto was a perfect choice for achieving all the customers’ requirements.

Palletiser Specification


ModelAlto DEM
Pallet Size800 x 1200 plus 1000 x 1200
Pallet Height2000mm
Layer Weight300Kg
Electrical supply415 v /50Hz
Installed Power8.5 TO 14Kw
Air supply6 Bar
Pack DimensionsMin 210 x 14 x 120
Max 500 x 400 x 350
SpeedUp to 60 packs/min

Solution / Stretch Wrapper

To complete the packaging Cooleys required a wrapping station that could integrate easily into the automatic wrapping line. Blackstar went with the Octopus Junior from ITW Mima. The Octopus Junior uses the unique wrapping method of the high-speed ring wrapping technology, wrapping product pallets in the best possible and most economical way. With separate starting, wrapping and finishing tensions in the wrapping process & an automatic sealing and cutting device. The Octopus Junior is a trouble free, fully automatic & perfect for the customers’ needs at the Distillery.


Stretch Wrapper Specification


ManufacturerITW Mima
ModelOctopus Junior
Pallet Size800 x 1200 plus 1000 x 1200
Pallet Height2400mm
Pallet diagonal1800
Electrical supply415 v /50Hz
Installed Power5 Kw
Air supply6 Bar
Pack DimensionsMin 210 x 14 x 120
Max 500 x 400 x 350
SpeedUp to 50 pallets per hour
Stretch film reel500mm, Max Dia 300 mm, Core Dia 76mm
Stretch film thickness17 to 30 microns






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