Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Meritor is a leading global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking and aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial markets. Meritor approached Blackstar Handling Systems in November 2018, to supply a new pallet strapping system & the refurbishment of an existing line for their manufacturing site in Cwmbran, South Wales. This pallet strapping system was to go alongside an identical existing line that was initially supplied by Blackstar previously. It was this success and working relationship on the original existing line that encouraged Meritor again to seek out the services of Blackstar who are specialists in providing material handling solutions.

The products manufactured at Meritor’s Cwmbran site are axle and brake components loaded into palletized boxes, with typical production speeds of 30 loads/hour and a maximum peak production speed of 50 loads/hour.

Blackstar considered all the technical and operational requirements and decided to supply 2 new VR70 strapping machines from Messersi. Blackstar have a strong partnership with Messersi who are a worldwide supplier of Strapping and Wrapping products with an export share of over 70%. One VR70 for the new line and the other to upgrade and replace the strapper on the existing line as part of the refurbishment, that also included stripping down and cleaning all conveyors, supplying & fitting new drive bands, drive chains & driven sprockets as required.

The VR70 automatic, strapping machine is equipped with strapping head MS500. Conceived for the vertical strapping of palletized products of any nature and size, it is fully customizable. It can be customized according to the sizes of the packages and of the logistic requirements, and can be inserted in conveying lines with automatic strapping programs. The electrical panel is equipped with PLC; whatever product type, the constant and programmable tensioning allows optimal strapping operations. The huge reliability of this machine and the high standard of components reduces the maintenance to a minimum. This all made the VR70 the perfect strapping solution for Meritor in Cwmbran.

Blackstar completed the mechanical and electrical installation on time and to coincide with the start-up at Cwmbran.

Technical Data VR70:

Type of strapping band: Polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET)
Suitable strapping band: Width from 8 to 19 mm, Thickness from 0,50 to 1,27 mm
Strapping band tensioning: Up to 700 kg
Strapping band junction: By welding or vibration
Feeding and recovery speed: 2.4 to 5.5 m/sec
Tensioning speed: 0.25 m/sec
Time of welding cycle: From 1.2 up to 3 seconds according to tensioning
Power supply voltage: 220/400 V
Installed power: 3Kw
Arch: Standard sizes 1100 x 800 mm; tailor made arches on demand






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