Economy Machine TP-6000

£2,180.00 Excluding VAT

Affordable choice for every budget

TP-6000 is an economy automatic strapping machine for PP strapping. Easy operation and simple maintenance. The proven quality and performance make TP-6000 the most cost effective solution for general applications.

Main Features

Lubrication free strapping head
Robust mechanism design and high engineering standard ensure excellent durability of the machine. No lubrication is required for the strapping head. Therefore it minimises the maintenance and saves the cost. Easy maintenance.

External mechanical tension control
Strap tension can be easily and accurately set with the dial in the front of the machine. Easy operation.

Multiple methods of cycle initiation
The machine can be operated by several methods, such as foot pedal switch, start switch, or ball activated table switch. Easy operation.

Adorable choice for every budget
the very competitive price does not come at the expense of quality.


  • Short feed sensor
  • Smoke exhaust system with carbon filter
  • Table without free roller
  • Stainless steel frame SUS 304 (TP-6000S)
  • PU casters (2 free and 2 with brake)
Type of strapping band:Polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET)
Suitable strapping band:Width from 12 to 15 mm, Thickness from 0,5 to 1 mm
Tensioning variation:from 10 to 250 kg
Sizes:Sizes: 33x15x13 cm
Weight:3.4 kg