Providing Comprehensive Support To All Our Clients

Blackstar Handling Systems service team provides comprehensive support to all our clients for as long as they need it.

Our mission is to help keep their business running as efficiently as possible.

  • We provide a complete in-house design and manufacturing service.
  • We have our own assembly shop.
  • We can service and repair any type of handling equipment from any manufacturer.
  • We can make mechanical upgrades to existing equipment to ensure it meets current business needs.
  • We can modify electrical systems and control panels to help optimise handling equipment performance.
  • We can arrange and carry out a 12 month planned maintenance program tailored to the anticipated workload or seasonality of a client’s business.
  • We can provide a rapid emergency call-out breakdown service across the UK.
  • We stock an extensive range of spares to help minimise downtime. We don’t gauge our own success, our clients do. Their improved efficiency, reduced down time and better productivity are the hallmarks of Blackstar Handling Systems.

Machine Upgrades

Blackstar have also developed a range of upgrades for equipment to enhance the performance and to extend the longevity of machinery. This includes updating the PLC’s with current units from Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi or any current suppliers range, replacing the hydraulic lift systems on Palletisers with motorised units, replacing pneumatic layer forming dams with more accurate and reliable motorised units plus many other innovative ideas.

With a commitment to Service and Maintenance, coupled with the extensive product knowledge, Blackstar are able to offer solutions to most customers Material Handling problems. Blackstar are committed to offering the best solutions quickly to ensure maximum productivity for our customers.

Service and Maintenance Contact

Robert Pegler
Service Manager

Telephone Robert on
01695 558615

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© 2021 Blackstar Handling Systems Ltd