VR88 Automatic Vertical Strapping

Blackstar Handling Systems provide the VR88 Automatic Vertical Strapping Machine to clients across the North West, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire areas.

The automatic vertical strapping machine is equiped with strapping head MS300 (Messersi patent), is suitable for both polypropylene and polyester strapping application and represents the ideal solution for the verticle strapping of products of any nature and size. In those cases where the customer has special requirements, the machine can be custom-made accordingly. This strapping machine can easily ve inserted in conveying lines and apply the required number of straps all automatically, with no need of the operator.

The machine switchboard equipped with PLC is provided with all push button controls for manual operation. Once properly adjusted, the strap tension remains consistent and allows the perfect strapping of packages of any nature and dimensions. The strapping machine arch is built using top quality materials and it helps to make this machine extremely reliable in all working conditions.

The great reliability of the strapping machine mod VR88 and the high quality of its components, contribute to a dramatic reduction of all maintenance operations. The high speed strapping cycle and the possibility of using down to the smallest sizes of polypropylene strapping, make this model one of the most and requested by many industrial and handicraft sectors.

Technical Data

  • Type of strap: polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET)
  • Straps that can be used: width 8 to 19 mm; thickness 0,50 to 1,20 mm
  • Strap tensioning: 0 to 300 kg (opt. up to 700 kg)
  • Strap junction: through welding
  • Throwing speed: 2,4 – 5,5 m/sec
  • Recover speed: 2,4 – 5,5 m/sec
  • Tension speed: 0,25 m/sec
  • Time of welding cycle: 1,2 to 3 seconds according to tensioning
  • Supply electric voltage: 220/400 V three-phase
  • Installed electric power: 1,50 kW
  • Arch: standard dimensions 1100 x 800 mm – Made to measure arches can be made
  • Coilholder: inside diameter 390/405 mm; width 150/190 mm

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